Jan 31, 2015

Two Years Of NoFap. Realized Something I Want To Share With You

Jan 29, 2015

Don't Put Nofap On A Pedestal. The Truth Of NoFap After Two Years.

99 Days NoFap - Honest Report

454 Days - Few Tips To Share With All New NO FAPPERS

Jan 18, 2015

Okay Newbie Guys, This Is What It Takes: Listen Up, Man Up And Quit Screwin' Up

Conquered My Internet Addiction : Here's How?

Lessons Learned After 6 Months NoFap

So I've actually reached 90 days twice now, and haven't masturbated twice in the same month since last March. However, I never wrote up any 90 day report for either of the times I have reached 90 days and beyond. This community helped me scratch and claw my way out of the darkest period of my short life, so it is only fitting I give something back.

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